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YogiTribe is a peaceful, homey studio in  central Warsaw where we teach and practice Vinyasa Yoga. This athletic, dynamic style of Hatha Yoga was developed and taught by Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the father of modern Yoga.

I'm an experienced Yogini, practitioner and teacher, I lived and have been traveling to India for the last 30 years to practice with exceptional Yoga masters there. I created YogiTribe in 2015 as a blissful, sacred space where I could teach small, personalized classes. If you would like to begin your own Yoga journey and experience this ancient practice in its entirety, welcome to our tribe.

Experience Yogitribe
My Journey


My Yoga journey began as a child while living in India with my family, and continued during my years at university. As a scholar and scientist, I felt continuously drawn to Yoga's superb understanding of the fundamental questions of all things, so, after completing my MSc in Molecular Biology, I returned to India year after year to advance in my own personal Yoga practice. After many years on my own journey, I began to deepen my knowledge of Sanskrit, study the ancient Indian texts with my masters, then 10 years ago, took my vows and dedicated my life to the path of the Yogini.

Living as a yogini is a lifelong journey to enlightenment, and sharing it with those of you who come to practice with me is a source of joy and light every day. 

I dedicate my practice to my beloved masters Ji Shalar Mamaji, Johar Navtej, Sri T Krishnamacharya, Srivatsa Ramaswami, BKS Iyengar, and Maharishi Patanjali. I strive to preserve, impart, and maintain the great and infinite enlightenment which has been gifted to me through them.

The Yogi Way

Cosy and private yoga studio with the best teacher. Rachele is an amazing yogini with fantastic energy who teaches in small groups and keeps a lot of attention to her students. After I started practicing here i see a lot of positive changes in my body and mind. She totally changed my opinion about yoga. Namaste 🙏

 - Arkadiusz Sawicki

Rachele's yoga studio is amazing! Rachele is an incredible teacher and a beautiful soul. She has so much positive energy and she approaches everyone individually with a lot of care. She has helped me progress with my practice so much and has taught me about the essence of yoga. She has made me really love yoga. I can't recommend it enough!

- Monika Rybak

Charming little yoga studio - a real gem among yoga studios in Warsaw. Rachel is a patient, lovely and very experienced teacher. It's a great place to start or continue your yoga journey and I guarantee, that after the first class you'll want to stay there for longer.

- Gabriela Linder

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