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Yoginis and teachers at Yogitribe

All classes and private sessions are conducted at
Yogitribe studio:
Yogitribe, ul. Ratuszowa 17/19 m.22, 03-407 Warszawa

Rachele Faiella

My Yoga practice began as a child while living in the Indian Himalayas with my family, and continued throughout my years at university where I earned a M.Sc in molecular biology, neuroscience, and consciousness studies.

My lifelong journey had always been the search for enlightenment through the intricate and profound tapestry of Yogic philosophy and practices. So, after completing my studies at university, I returned to India to advance in my own personal practice, study Sanskrit texts and Hindu philosophy, and pursue the life of a yogi. Then after many years of traveling on my own journey, I took my yogic vows and dedicated my life to this path.

In 2015 I founded Yogitribe when I moved to Warsaw with my husband, Rafał, and this shala has been a place of light and bliss ever since.

Klaudia Wyszyńska

It was more than 10 years ago when Klaudia first stepped on to her yoga mat. After searching, and practicing in different styles and locations, 4 years ago  she was taken  under Rachele's wing here at her beloved yogitribe and began journeying the path of yoga as a dedicated practitioner.

Her classes create beautiful space and time for each individual to achieve their full potential at their own pace.

Eugenie Hecquet

Eugénie Hecquet was born in France, started to study ballet at the age of 8, and at the age of 15 went to Hamburg where she finished her studies. She worked as a professional dancer in Ostrava in Czech Republic, at the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, and she is now a dancer at the National Ballet of Poland.

Eugenie has been practicing and studying yoga with Rachele here at YogiTribe for the past 4 years. Her classes are inspired both by her love of dance and joyous dedication to the path of yoga.

Melissa Abel

Melissa Abel grew up in the United States and moved to Germany at seventeen to complete her ballet studies and pursue a professional ballet career. She has worked professionally for the Finnish National Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin, Ballet du Capitole, and is now a soloist with the Polish National Ballet.

She has been practicing and studying yoga with Rachele here at YogiTribe for the past 4 years and is now studying Psychology at university, her teachings are filled with light and elegance.

Melissa specializes in personal, private lessons that bring each individual to their own personal journey through the body mind space. 

Ewelina Pankowska

From the very first yoga class that Ewelina took many years ago, she understood that yoga was all about the beyond experience and her classes reflect her own blissful journey to a higher plane of existence.

A few years ago she found her beloved  YogiTribe and since then has been following the path of yoga under Rachele's guidance.

Ewelina is an actress associated with a few theaters, mainly Nowy Teatr in Warsaw.

Joanna Maćkowiak

Joanna took her first step on the mat and began her personal yoga journey at YogiTribe with Rachel 4 years ago and now holds a degree in Yoga from the Rehabilitation Department at Warsaw University of Physical Education and instructor courses from the University Of Torun.


During her studies, she discovered her great passion for anatomy, relaxation and body massage and has expanded her interests into rehabilitation exercises and posture defects correction.

Joanna's journey to bliss and yoga makes every session a healing experience of warmth and joy.


As our resident Yoga massage therapist at Yogitribe she offers:


A deep tissue massage, also known as a passive yoga massage. It’s a sequence of techniques that combine acupressure of the most important canals in the human body with elements of passive yoga, passive stretching and meditation. The purpose of Thai Massage is to improve the circulation of energy in the body.


Price: 60 min/ 150 PLN



This wonderfully plush massage provides visible long-lasting effects, is a natural and non-invasive form of facelift and facial rejuvenation. It effects not only on the appearance of the skin but helps release accumulated stress, improves circulation,and helps prevent wrinkles. Acupressure point techniques balance the organs and gives it an extra kick that stimulates your vital energy.


Price: 60 min/ 150 PLN

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