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Happy Protein for Yogis: chickpea omlette

One thing that can be a little tricky for yogis is getting enough amino acids and proteins, so here is one of my favorite tasty protein treats. It's so easy to make, rich is amino acids, pure yogic, vegan, and my go-to lunch in every season.

2 heaping tablespoons of chickpea flour

a pinch of salt and pepper

1/2 cup of water

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tomato

a handful of fresh spinach (optional)

a teaspoon of Kamis dried tomato, garlic, and basil spice mix (see picture)

Place the chickpea flour in a little bowl, add half the water to the flour, mix with a wire whisk, then slowly add the rest of the water, a little at a time until you get a batter that has the consistency of heavy cream.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Place a thick frying pan over a medium high flame and add the olive oil.

When the olive oil is a little hot, add the chickpea batter and let it spread out like an omlette.

Let it fry for about 5 minutes till it gets golden brown, then, using a plate turn it over carefully.

Fry the other side for about a minute then sprinkle the chopped tomato over the omlette, then the spinach if you're using that, then add the teaspoon of spices.

Fold the omlette over on one side and let it cook for a few minutes till very crispy and golden brown.

Remove it from the heat.

Enjoy hot with a bit more spice sprinkled over the top

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